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This Bible contradiction is from the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.


1 Chronicles 3

1 Chronicles 3:10-16 View context

And Solomon's son [was] Rehoboam, Abia his son, Asa his son, Jehoshaphat his son,

Joram his son, Ahaziah his son, Joash his son,

Amaziah his son, Azariah his son, Jotham his son,

Ahaz his son, Hezekiah his son, Manasseh his son,

Amon his son, Josiah his son.

And the sons of Josiah [were], the firstborn Johanan, the second Jehoiakim, the third Zedekiah, the fourth Shallum.

And the sons of Jehoiakim: Jeconiah his son, Zedekiah his son.

Matthew 1

Matthew 1:6-11 View context

And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her [that had been the wife] of Urias;

And Solomon begat Roboam; and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa;

And Asa begat Josaphat; and Josaphat begat Joram; and Joram begat Ozias;

And Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezekias;

And Ezekias begat Manasses; and Manasses begat Amon; and Amon begat Josias;

And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon: